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Lock Bumping Prevention

Lock Bumping may not be a term you are familiar with, unfortunately those who are will not be keen to publicise the fact. This video demonstration by Pickbuster shows exactly how easy it is to become a victim of Lock Bumping. Something which is very difficult to prove in terms of an insurance claim because there is no sign of a forced entry & no damage to the lock itself.




Pro-Optocam Ltd work in co-operation with a Pickbuster accredited installer who can supply and install the preventative treatment quickly & conveniently.

What's more, because the installation is performed by a fully accredited installer you qualify for a Pickbuster Installation Certificate and up to £2,500 protection from UAL Ltd the manufacturer of the product.

Burglary by Lock Bumping is coming to a house near you .....soon !

Contact us now to arrange Pickbuster Lock Bumping protection and you can be sure that your home will not be the one to suffer a Lock Bumping Burglary.