Asset Tracking

Pro-Optocam Ltd offer a range of protection options depending on the nature and risk management / value balance of the asset.

Mobile plant and high value capital items such as specialist generators or earth moving equipment are examples of prime assets particularly suited to electronic real-time GPS tracking solutions.

We offer a number of monitored wireless tagging solutions, including Thatcham Approved models.
Please contact us for further details regarding wireless asset tagging solutions.



DNA Marking

Forensic marking of personal items using DNA chemical coding is a major
breakthrough in reliable asset marking. Each client has their own DNA code
allocated & registered on a secure central database.
The chemical forensic evidential code is so robust that most police forces now
deploy methods of rapidly identifying an indelible UV reflective dye which
forms part of the chemical bond.
Criminals realise that getting even a microscopic drop of the DNA chemical on
themselves, their clothes or their accessories is a guarantee they will be charged.
As a result the knowledge that forensic marking has been applied is now a very
powerful deterrent in its own right.
This powerful technology is a particularly cost effective & highly reliable technique for
marking of assets. The forensic DNA marker may also be incorporated in conjunction with
spray systems, loaded grease and gels.

Ask us for further information regarding chemical forensic asset marking.